Kevin Donaghy has over 25 years of experience helping Central Florida Families.

His experience as a former Certified Public Accountant, Real Estate Broker and Lawyer give his clients a unique advantage in addressing divorce issues.

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Alimony in Florida Divorces is within the discretion of the Court based on multiple factors. Alimony may be permanent Read more

Child Support

Temporary Support during a divorce proceeding prior to a final order may be agreed to between the parties. If the parties cannot agree Read More

Child Custody

Florida refers to custody as “time-sharing” of minor children among both parents. A time-sharing schedule generally Read more

Property Division

Equitable Distribution also is known as Property Settlements are the process by which the Assets and Liabilities of the Marriage are Read more

Divorce Process

Divorce Proceedings in Florida are a legal process. The state legislature is responsible for passing statutes that govern Read more

Other Practice Areas

Our attorneys pride themselves on having the ability to handle complex legal issues. We also recognize that often there are Learn More

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